James Bryant...

My 60th Birthday party held at our house in June 2015 and everyone came dressed as a person from History (past or present).

I went dressed as my hero, Sir Isaac Newton.


Me as Isaac Newton
Yours Truly as Isaac Newton


L-R: Ruth, Lloyd, Adam, Hannah, Laura and Gary


Lloyd and me
L-R Lloyd and yours truly


Erin (as me) and me\
Erin (with mask of me) next to Sir Isaac Newton (me)


Jodie and Joff
Jodie and her brother Joff




Me with Erin


L-R Me. Yollande and Ruth
Award of prize, L-R, me, Yolande and Ruth


Marrion as The Queen
Dog with Lizzy


Sharron and Harvey
Sharron and Harvey


Richard and Marrion
Richard and Marion as you know who!




Yours truly with Lou

Owen, Sarah and Erin
L-R: Owen, Sarah and Erin


Dillon as Jack The Ripper
Dillon as Jack The Ripper


Erin with my picture board
Erin with my picture board


Nina with me
Nina with me