James Bryant ... true silly stories of the1970s

OUR English school lessons of 1968 were always a welcome treat. They were the only subject where the disruptive element sat at the front of the class and not the back. This strategy was not to get a better view of the blackboard, but instead of Miss Hall who was a model teacher in more ways than one!

Chemistry came before the English lesson and once we made Hydrogen Sulphide (that's bad eggs) and managed to keep a few test tubes of the gas. We planned to air it in the English lesson by lifting the desk lid and, while pretending to grab some books, release the cork stopper from the test tube.

Our fiendish plan worked. On two occasions in close succession the gas was released and Miss Hall, although clearly aware of the smell, said nothing. On the third release, she looked at the lads in the front row and said in her sexy voice, "If that's a natural smell would the boy please leave the room." No one moved, instead we all fell about laughing which did help to clear the air!

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