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Special BBC Question Time with David Cameron (PM)

On 19 June 2016, Jodie and I attended the above event at Milton Keynes' Stadium having applied a couple of weeks beforehand. It was a special Question Time just involving the Prime Minister (David Cameron), David Dimbleby and about 150 selected people. The purpose of the event was to question the PM on next Thursday's EU vote. The audience was roughly split between 50% wanting to leave the EU, 50% to remain with a few undecided voters.

It went out live at 6.45 pm on the Sunday 19th and we both had a great time. I tried to get a question in but to no avail. Below are some photos that I captured from the recording on the day. I wore a very bright lime green pastel shirt and I guess that you can easily pick me out with Jodie!


BBC Special Question Time
David Cameron with back to audience, David Dimbleby facing behind lectern and yours truly with Jodie far right, floor level


BBC Special Question Time
David Dimbleby facing and yours truly with Jodie floor level, right side.


BBC Question Time Special
David Cameron Centre stage, yours truly with Jodie under mic boom.


It all went tits up on the following Thursday, 23/6/16 on the voting to leave the EU and by Friday morning, 24th David Cameron had resigned.

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