James Bryant

Every August, I go fishing at Blenheim Palace - that's the ancestral home of Winston Churchill. We pre-book a small rowing boat for around £30.00, rise at the crack of dawn (5.00 am), pack enough food for one day, load up the rods and then drive the short distance to Blenheim Palace.

Once there we park the car and then trudge, snail like, with all our gear down to the boat house. Then we pick a suitable boat and row across The Grand Lake; once on the other side of the lake we drop anchor and start fishing.

I'm a lazy fisherman and use a hair-rig to catch Tench and Bream while listening to the radio, picnicking, relaxing and occasionally nodding off. When my rod goes off, I jump up like a demented gazelle to grab the rod and in the process nearly sink the boat!

Grand Lake at Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace (background) with boat house to the right (foreground), August 2002


Di with nice Tench
Di with nice Tench, August 2005


Lloyd relaxing or just bored stiff!
Lloyd relaxing, August 2002

Me with tench
Yours truly with Tench, August 2005


Swan wanting feeding with sweetcorn or maggots
A visitor wanting feeding with sweetcorn or maggots!

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