James Bryant

Curry meal takes off!

Plate of egg curry Friday 13th April 2007 was curry day and we'd planned this day for a little while. First the history...as a child I remember eating egg curry at my nan's house in March and also at home as a child and thought it would be nice for mum to cook the meal again.

Now the preparation...we agreed most of the ingredients in advance which I brought with me, arriving at my mum's house around 11.30 am in the morning.

Eggs x 8
Rice - Uncle Ben's - long grain rice, microwave
Carrots - already peal led
Curry Power (medium)
Peas - frozen
Onions - chopped into small pieces
Tomatoes - chopped, (tin of)
Spices (ginger and others)
Stock cube
Salt, pepper and water
Popadoms - should have had these but I forgot them and finally
Red wine, nice bottle of!

We then had a cup of tea and shortly afterwards went to work on the recipe. I basically watched myMum, the chef in her kitchen mum prepare the meal - although I did help (really) - taking notes and a couple of pics. My fiendish plan was to be able to reproduce the same meal in the future in remembrance of my mum.

We stank the house out with the smell of curry power which I'm told lingered on for days afterwards - oops sorry mum!

Finally, the eating...Ruth also sat down at the table with us and we all had a great meal. The wine flowed and mum got a bit tipsy (only joking).

Pic just before we tucked into the meal


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