James Bryant

Start of eclipseOn Saturday night, 3 March 2007, there was an eclipse of the Moon by the Earth and Diann captured the sequence using her new camera curtesy of me (Christmas pressie).

The Moon started to become obscured at 8.18pm and was in shadow fully between 10.44pm and 11.48pm.Nearly 1/3 eclipsed

The eclipse occurred because the Earth passed directly between the Moon and the Sun.

Light that was scattered through the Earth's atmosphere was altered to predominantly red wavelength, which reflects off the surface .


Nearly totalIn ancient times a "blood Moon" was viewed with dread and was seen as an omen of disaster or great change - see Shakespeare's Sonnet 107, 5th line.

Diann took these photos which were each taken about 30 minutes apart and braved the elements in doing so!

Moon is totally eclipsed
On the final photo she had to use the tripod and this gave the best result - see the final pic that shows a copper reddish Moon along with couple of visible stars too!

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