James Bryant ... silly true stories of the 1970s

When I was 17 and learning to drive my dad took me out for lessons in an old banger (Mark 1 Cortina). On returning from one lesson, I was approaching the junction of High Street with Church Street in Bucken.

This is well known spot as the Lion Hotel is on one side and the Post Office on the other side. Near the Post Office was a bench and a telephone kiosk where my mates would meet and they were there as I approached the junction to turn right into Church Street.

Just before turning, one of my mates shot out on his bike and disappeared behind me. My dad then looked at me and in a stern voice said "he's off" and I turned to him and replied "is he?" At that moment the car turned right into Church Street at speed, mounted the footpath and only just missed the "towers" wall.

My dad had fear written all over his face. He pumped the carpet with his left foot at an imaginary brake peddle to try to slow down the car, but luckily I gained control and we carried on our merry way down the road. Once the danger had passed he looked at me and spoke "I said ease off not he's off!

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