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Jodie flashed into my world late 2008 changing it for ever and how much she has affected me I cannot say. The incredible story of our meeting, engagement, wedding, first home and living together as a family is the stuff that dreams are made of. There's not a day that goes by when I don't pinch myself hard to check that this is reality and not some Matrix love story. No, I'm not living in a dream world but this is stuff that dreams are made of!

My favourite picture of Jodie
My favourite picture of Jodie sent to me late November 2008


Gary's 60th BD at The Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon, Cambs, January 2009
Taken at Gary's 60th BD party, Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon Cambs, January 2009


My left hand sent to Jodie late 2008
My left hand sent to Jodie late 2008


A breakfast I cooked for Jodie on 1-8-2009
Breakfast cooked for Jodie on 8 August 2009


Water colour painting by me entitled Mrs "B" to Jodie, Christmas 2017


A collage of the wedding day on 2-5-2009
A collage of our wedding pictures

See short video of of wedding at this link?

Jodie, remember how we first met and the Genesis of our love? If you click this link there's an encrypted file that tells the story but you'll need a password to open it. Don't worry about warnings of trusting the file, it's safe. Save it to your laptop then open and read it!

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