James Bryant ... true silly stories of 2001

THIS brings me up to date or as near as you'll get. It's a dark cold Monday morning around 2001 and I'm heading off to work. Each morning Di makes me some toast and wraps it in tin foil and I then eat it on my journey down south on the M40 heading towards Heathrow Airport.

That morning I leave as usual but stop off to post a letter. All goes well until I hit the M40 and fumbling on the passenger seat for my cold toast but all I can find is the letter. Suddenly it dawns on me what I've done. Instead of posting the letter, I put the toast through the letter box and kept the letter to eat!

God only knows what the postman thought as he collected the mail that morning to find a nicely presented tin foil pack of toast or did he call the bomb squad to report a suspect package!

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