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High Wycombe Primary School, England
St John's School, Cyprus, see early school report, also awarded first prize for Science
Longsands Comprehensive School, England - awarded form prize for Science
1973 -74
Huntingdon Technical College, England - awarded best student in ONC in Civil Engineering
1975 -1977
Peterborough Technical College, England - awarded HNC (Distinction) in Civil Engineering
Peterborough Technical College - awarded credits in endorsement to HNC
1979 - 81
BA (Hons) Science & Technology, England
1982 present
University of life - still studying!


Gideons Bible from Longsand School



At Longsands School I was presented with a Gideons bible. These are the front and back pages from the bible dated 25 February 1970.

The pages are signed by most of the class along with some teachers and do you recognize your signature? I can still remember you!

     St Johns School Episkopi (November morning 2004) - link to school website  
The school motto, ‘Haec alim meminisse Juvabit’ which means ‘To look on these days will give us pleasure’ 


Longsands School, St Neots (February morning 2006)


Huntingdon Technical College

Peterborough Technical College


Me, graduation day, Cambridge, 1980
Me, graduation day (Cambridge, England, 1980)

See also handheld calculators

SCIENTIA EST POTENTIA (knowledge is power)

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