Listening to music is one pleasure that, without exception, we all like. It can also be a very personal thing as we often associate songs to special times in our life and these can trap us in a time warp! I'm no exception. Some of my favourite songs never reached the Top Ten, but for me they remain evergreen and a remembrance of my youth. Below is a list of them and you should be able to play the video if you have RealPlayer (wait for download, save file and then play it):

1. Killing Me Softy with her Song by Roberta Flack XXXXX play video of music
Reminds me of my school summer holidays & the smell of freshly cut grass

2. God Only knows by the Beach Boys XXXXX Plays Video
Reminds me of hot Saturday evenings in my youth and lost love

3. We'll Fly High in the Sky by Amen Corner X Play music
First record I ever bought, vinyl 45 rpm

4. Love Child by Diana Ross XXX Play music
My favourite track while cruising

5. Third Finger Left Hand by Matha Reeves XXX Play music
Reminds me of Buckden youth club and the only song that would get me up on the dance floor

6. In the year 2525 by Lincoln & Nebraska XXXX Play music
Based on a nightmarish vision of the future as man's technological inventions gradually dehumanize him

7. Jade Latarche - Our Lovely Hearts XX Play music
I was with my lovely wife, Jodie in 2010 when we saw her play locally

8. Your Song by Elton John XX Play music
Second record I ever bought (1971), 45 vinyl and first LP

9. I'll be there by The Jackson 5 XX
Third record I ever bought and when I first heard it I thought it was a female singer!

10. Wild World by Cat Stevens XXXXX Play music
Remembrance of Cathy Conway my longest girl friend - well she wasn't long but the time we spent together was!
I bought Cathy the album that this track comes from 1971.

Wow factor XXXXX = Ne plus Ultra (near perfection), X = good (with variations in-between)

Why not listen to a song by James D Bryant from the CD below at this link:

That's me on the front but not my genitalia  

Jodie at Buckden, 2010

Left is a photo of Jodie playing her guitar at The George Hotel, Buckden, in 2010. She studied music at school and won the musician of the year prize (c 1991) with a song that she composed. She also received another prize for having star quality!

In the past, Jodie played in a group as the lead singer and she has a fantastic voice. We drive up to Scotland every 6-8 weeks and during the six hour (ish) journey she sings to me her favourite songs from the iPod and very nice they are too.

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