James Bryant ... my pet hates


Do you have any pet hates? You know the silly things that get your back up and annoy you either around the home or life in general. Below, and in no particular order, are some of mine. 


A Lorry Too Far
My blood boils when I'm slowed down by lorry drivers who overtake each other on the motorway and take about 20 miles to complete the manoeuvre as their speed difference is about 1 mph. Stop it!

Only another 15 miles to go...

Gabbling Cashiers
This drives me mad and I'm sure you've come across it. You're at the checkout and the cashier is bar coding your goods but then starts taking to a colleague nearby and completely ignores you. You're the customer but they treat you like the invisible man. Stop it!

Yeah, let's wear blue again tomorrow                                                        


Rock Toothpaste
This makes me cringed. The end nozzle of the toothpaste is caked hard with old toothpaste that has dried into a giant pea shaped object. Why is it always left to me to remove it - stop it!


Phone In Ear
Some people are so welded to their mobile phones that they drive, cook and probably have sex with it pressed to their ear. It drives me bananas when they talk on their phone in queues or at restaurants. Stop it!

Forget cigarettes, just give me the phone


i is
This is a small one but I'm still going to include it. It bugs me when people send e-mails and use "i" instead of the capital "I" when referring to themselves. Are they too lazy to press the "shift key"? I can just about live with this in text messaging as nearly everyone does it but not in e-mails. Stop it!

i came, i saw, i conquered


"In time we hate that which we often fear." (Will Shakespeare)


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