James Bryant ...eligion

I was brought up as a Roman Catholic and this followed on from my father's strict religious upbringing. And as long as I can remember we went to church as a family most Sundays. I was baptized, confirmed and also served as an alter boy. I learnt Latin at catechism classes and

believe it was a big mistake to remove Latin from the Mass in the 1960s. Et tu, Brute! I remember the church at Episkopi in Cyprus (1962-1976) and in the 1980s when I visited Cyprus with Lesley I returned to the church and the memories came flooding back.

When I lived in Buckden (1967-1979), I attended Buckden Towers Church (see photos) and this is an incredible place to visit. I can't do it justice in this website so please visit this link for the low-down on its 900 year history. As a teenager, I ran amok in Buckden Towers. We entered the castle and into the out of bounds disused dormitories often being chased by the Brothers and Priests as we tried to out run them. I soon discovered that jeans can out run cassocks! In retrospect I made their heavenly life hell which was a bit unfair.

Although I don't go to church regularly now, I still hold the values and beliefs instilled in me by my parents.

I believe in God. To be an atheist (don't believe in the existence of God) is crazy and I'll explain why. Imagine that you live the whole of your life in the belief that there is no God - possibly not a problem while you're alive.

But when you die imagine your nightmare when you "awake" at the final judgment day in the presence of God and realize your error. Are you doomed to an eternity of fire and brimstone down below with Lucifer? The risk is not worth it, instead it's far better to hedge your bets and believe in God.

NEVER be an atheist as you may live to regret it!

Pierre de Fermat, (1601-1665) calculated the chance of God existing at 50:50