James Bryant...scooter days

WHEN I turned 16 my father bought me a Lambretta scooter (LX150cc made in 1964). Unfortunately on the first day I took it out I had an accident with a car just up the road from the house at 64 Manor Gardens, Buckden. Luckily I wasn't injured and the accident wasn't my fault, but the bike was off the road for about a month.

I soon passed my test and got the bike kitted out. Unbeknown to my parents I had the cylinder bored out to 175cc and replaced the carb with a Wall Phillips fuel injector. I had some great times on the bike with Nene, Eddy, Les and others. I finally came a cropper when an American ran me off the ring road around Huntingdon and I ended up in Hospital. The nurses were nice though!


  Me late 1971 out side 64 Manor Gardens, Buckden        Me outside 64 Manor Gardens, Buckden c late 1972

"Two wheels good, four wheels bad" (Animal Farm, abridged, George Orwell, 25/06/1903-21/01/1950)

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