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Lloyd’s living a completely different life to me, I’m a 9-5 man while he’s nomadic and from a very young age had a vision to travel the world. 

Although a qualified electrician, a feat which he achieved by himself, he became disillusioned with working in the UK and decided in late 2003 to start his grand world tour after many careful years' of researching, planning and saving.

Late October 2003, I dropped Lloyd off at Heathrow Airport and waved him a sad goodbye. He travelled alone to South Africa, then Asia, finally returning home a year later to save more money to then leave again in December 2015 for South America and India.

During his travels, Lloyd’s bungee jumped over Victoria Falls, white water rafted, eaten a guinea pig, mountain climbed in south American and the Himalayas, travelled in the most inhospitable places and spent hours on rickety old buses and trains, learnt to speak in Spanish and Hindu and gone on a spiritual retreat.

In March 2017, he left India for Australia to live with his travelling companion, Naomi and he’s currently in Melbourne (2017).

There are too many photos of Lloyd’s travels so here are a few in no order of priority.

LLoyd at Heathrow T4 October 2017 returning to Austrialia with Naomi following visit to UK

Lloyd with me at Heathrow, T4, October 2017, returning to Australia with Naomi following visit to UK


Prince Geoge PH, MK, leaving meal October 2017
Family meal before Lloyd & Naomi leave for Australia,10 October 2017 at Prince George PH, MK


Lloyd & Naomi leave Gatwick for South America, Dec 2015
Lloyd & Naomi leave Gatwick, Dec 2015 for South America


Collage of Africa and Asia, Lloyd's first tour in 2013


Lloyd, world trek 2013 onwards
Lloyd at Minila, Philipines, May 2014 (off alone on world trek from October 2013)


Lloyd's start of AAA tour 2013
Start of AAA (Africa, Asia and Australia tour 2013)
Heathrow 11.30 am on 31-10-2013...a joyful and sad day rolled into one as the world spins and we move on. Just said "Goodbye" to my son as he flies off to trek through Africa, Asia and Australia. We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Lloyd, may the stars shine ever bright for you in the Southern Hemisphere and also look after you. Stay safe, enjoy. Dad xxx

Lloyd and me at Adam and Hannah's wedding reception, 13-6-13
Lloyd and me at Adam and Hannah's wedding reception,


.Lloyd, receiving Electrical prize July 2012
Lloyd (left) qualifying as an electrician and receiving a prize too, Aylesbury, July 2012


Taken during a day trip to France, January 2007
Lloyd on a day visit to France in January 2007


  Lloyd on his 18th birthday (23/3/2005)  


Lloyd going to a fancy dress party (c 2005)

Lloyd (front) with Carl (back), 19/09/2004


Lloyd with "machine gun", 5/5/1996, Bicester


Lloyd December 1989
Lloyd December 1989, Great Paxton, aged two


See also Lloyd's visit to Spain on 24 January 2007

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