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I'VE made three visits to Bletchley Park. The first visit was with my son, Lloyd in 1999 and the second was with Diann on 23 August 2006 and more recently in 2009 with my wife, Jodie.

Bletchley Park is an Enigma - excuse the pun. Its decaying huts are trapped in a time warp of 1945 and they seem so out of place surrounded by today's modern buildings. Yet this dichotomy belies the truth for without the efforts made at Bletchley Park our future may have been so much different. Cant' explain further, but visit this link if you want the full story about Bletchley Park as my visit was mainly to see "Colossus".

The following pictures, with the exception of the last one, are of a rebuilt Colossus. The rebuild project started in 1994 at Bletchley Park, on the site of the original Colossus number 9 computer. By June 1996 Tony Sale and his team were ready to switch on (albeit only working at a 2 bit level rather than the full 5 bits). The switch on was performed by HRH the Duke of Kent on the 6th June 1996. Present also was Dr Tommy Flowers the original designer.

Rebult Colossus that took 12 years to construct, me in foreground


As above


As above, but view of "bedsted"


Me (out of focus) and Bomb

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