James Bryant ... true silly stories of the 1970s

AT school in the 1970s we played a silly game. It started off innocently enough with some of us receiving free samples of Durex being sent to our home address, this then escalated to them being sent in your name, but addressed to your mother which was embarrassing enough. Another ploy was to order a couple of tonnes of sand or ballast to be delivered to your opponents address but this was an exception. It cost up front money so was not a viable option.

I would like to share with you my variation on this theme that's free. I wanted to get one back on a friend who will remain nameless but knows who he is. The plan was simple. Get one brick, wrap it in brown paper, write my friends address on the front and then - this is the important bit - write the word FREEPOST in the top right hand corner where the stamps usually go, finally deliver it to the post office, then wait...

I waited weeks before my friend came clean about his delivery. Apparently, he arrived home one day to find a message dropped through his letter box explaining that a parcel had arrived at the post office that he needed to collect. Who can refuse such a temptation? So eagerly he went down to the post office, paid the extortionate posting fee and rushed home to open the parcel. A brick!

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