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T his is a picture of John & Barbara Merritt and if you're not sure who they are then go my parents link and all will be revealed.

This is Lloyd with Matt Hayes taken at Birmingham (England) in 2002.
Matt Hayes is a famous angler and if you're none the wiser, then why not visit
his website at http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/authors/intromatt.htm?


  This is me and Lesley taken at Benidorm in 1977. I was married to Lesley from 1979 to 1997 but have known her since secondary school. I've many fond memories of my time with Lesley and she's still a friend and of course we had our son, Lloyd.


Lloyd (foreground) with his friend Carl at a local motocross in September 2004



Me holding a £10,000.00 bottle of wine (1945) at Heathrow Airport, circa 2000



Entrance to Tunnel Beach, Happy Valley, Episkopi, Cyprus.
We (Ruth & me) use to walk the three miles from our home to the beach through this tunnel between 1962 and 1967.
If you would like to see many more photos in and around the RAF base at Episkopi then go to this link


Taken at 64 Manor Gardens, Buckden (left is Keven, right, yours truly)

Yours truly with bouffant hair style!



The three sisters, (L-R. June, Rene & Pam) taken at Laura's wedding in May 2005



Laura and Damian's wedding 2005, Hinchingbrook Park, England



James helping the Dalek's in their fight against the Cybermen in the Doomsday episode of Doctor Who on 8/07/2005!
Real Dalek is to the right and James to the left.


Emily and John Jnr Merritt, taken circa 2003 in USA.



My mum stayed a week at Pam and Keith's house from 23/9/06 to 30/9/06, Pam is Mum's sister.
The picture was taken on 30/9/06 at Pam's daughters house (Diana). L to R = Diana, Pam, Keith and Mum,


Taken during a visit to my mum's house on 9/11/06 following a lunch time meal at a nearby restuarant with Ruth.


Mum and Ruth taken on 09/11/06 following a lunch time meal with me

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