James Bryant ... y time line

My time line

My Timeline:

1930 Mother born, England, 12/06/1930 (and Rene here twin sister)

1931 Father born (Terence Patrick Bryant) on 23-09-31 in Calcutta, India

1952 Parents wed in Colombo Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) 09/12/1952

1953 Sister, Ruth born, England 23/10/1953 and live at "Tig Fane", Browning Ave, Thornhill Southhampton, England

1955 I'm born and live at Tig Fane, Thornhill Southhampton, England

1957 Move to 121 Deeds Grove, High Wycombe, England

1962 Fly out to Cyprus (Dad's in the Signals), live at 17 Westmorland Park on Episkopi RAF Base

1963 My first confirmation (?)

1964 Keven my younger brother born in Cyprus, 19/05/1964, weight 8lb, time 6.15 am

1967 Awarded science prize, 6th July, St John's School, Episkopi

1967 Return back to blightly and live at 64 Manor Gardens, Buckden, Huntingdon, Cambs, England

1967 Start school at Longsands Comprehensive, St Neots, given the nickname of Curly

1968 First come across Isaac Newton my hero

1972 Keven (younger brother) diagnosed with terminal cancer, attend Ruth & Gary's wedding

1973 Turn 18 years old

1974 Start first job as trainee Quantity Surveyor with Redland Aggregates Ltd

1975 Keven (younger brother) dies of cancer age nearly 11 and is buried at Lucks Lane cemetery, Buckden

1976 Awarded ONC at Huntingdon Technical College (Best Student)

1978 Awarded HNC at Peterborough Technical College (Distinction) start Italic handwriting, Spring '78

1979 Marry Lesley (nee Bull), start part-time degree & move to first home at 35 Shawley Road, Sawtry

1980 Leave Redland Aggregates, move to Great Paxton and start work with a company called Stonecare Ltd

1982 Awarded BA(Hons) Degree

1987 Lloyd, my Son, born at Hinchingbrook hospital, Huntingdon (23/03/1987)

1995 Turn 40

1997 Separate from Lesley and live at Oxford with Diann Welsh

1998 Divorced from Lesley but remain friends, Dad dies from stroke

2000 Start work at Heathrow Airport travelling from Bicester each day

2003 Lloyd comes to live with me & Di at Bicester, August of

2005 Turn 50 and start work on this website in October, prescribed hign blood pressure tablets

2008 Lee Joseph dies in tragic road accident, September

2008 First Contact with Jodie, October

2008 Meet Jodie, November

2009 Mum dies, February

2009 Marry Jodie, 2 May in Scotland

2009 Move to Buckinghamshire with Jodie and family

2013 Lloyd leaves UK for AAA (Africa, Asia and Australia tour), 31-10-13

2015 My 60th Birthday - see party

2015 LLoyd back in UK for short period and leaves for South America with Naomi (Dec)

2016 Mum's twin sister Rene dies (1-2-16)

2016 19th June attend BBC Question Time with Jodie on the vote to stay/leave the Common Market

2016 Prescribed Statins, Nov'16

2017 Lloyd vists UK with Naomi and then leaves later that year for Australia and to make a life there (Oct)

2018 Gary diagnosed with mesothelioma (June)

2019 Gary's 70th Birthday Party (this is your life presentation by me) - January

2019 Gary dies December 9th of mesothelioma

2020 Gary's funeral, 14 January 2020, Huntingdon, Bridge Hotel

2020 Turn 65. Coronavirus strikes, furoughed on 20 April, then part-time working only from 6 July 2020


James & Jodie Bryant

Like as the waves make towards the pebble shore,
So do our minutes hasten to their end. (Sonnet 60, Will Shakespeare)

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